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If you're not seeing it with the backwards loop cast on, you can try a long tail cast on. That might make it easier to see the purl bumps that you're picking up stitches through, but you'll get a little bit of a ridge inside the toe of your sock.

All of our cast on tutorials are right here:
Which casting on tutorial is it? I don't see one that says
"Backward Loop Method". I would rather understand this method than have a ridge inside the sock.
It is the "Loop Cast On."
Ok, I think I am getting someplace.

"Slide both sets of cast on stitches onto the cable section of needle. Using original needle tip, and working so that both needle tips are pointing the same direction (to the left), pick up 12 stitches throught the back purl bump of the12 existing cast on stitches."
By "back purl bump" do you mean the left side of the bump
(the loop of the half hitch knot that lies below the needle)
as it faces you, or to reach from behind the needle to the front through the "bump" to pull the yarn from in front of the needle to the back?

Am I right in thinking that all the stitches are left on the needles, so that you ultimately have 12 on front needle and 12 on back needle for EACH ball of yarn?

I know you must be frustrated and tired of my "learning process" - but I can't let it go until I know how to do it.
You do want to pick up the back of the pearl bump. It took me several tries & various directions until it sunk in. You will have 12 stitches on each needle from the two balls of yarn. Look at the pattern for the toe up socks knitted from the sock blank. Another thing to remember is the bumps will all be on the inside of the sock, if that helps at all. They do try to roll out until you get a few rounds done.It really will work. Hang in there!! I know you will get it. I personally took it apart several times. It does work!
Many thanks! I'll keep trying!
AT LAST! Photos and illustrations of my adventures in Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop socks are on my blogspot. It is EASY - When you know what you are doing!!

This is such an IMPORTANT pattern. It deserves it's own video! You don't have to worry about size of needles, or yarn - or number of stitches - once you get past the toe. You can create, and add or subtract stitches to get exactly what you want. OH, THE FREEDOM!! Kudo's and red roses @@@@@@ to the wonderful, and overworked staff at Knit Picks.
I watched your travails getting past the toe and was inspired by your tenacity to GET IT! LOL! I've not made any socks yet, have the book you worked from, and after looking through the directions felt overwhelmed. Not to the point of "I'll never" but enough to decide to focus on some other projects in my mental/emotional queue first! LOL! That you persevered and got it inspires me to pick up needles and yarn... when I'm ready... and just work through the directions, stitch by stitch, until I've got it too!

Thanks for sharing your process... and to the KP Staff for all the help you gave her, and likely me when I get to the point of tackling those socks too! LOL!
Congratulations on your cast on! We're glad that you got it!
Where's It has disappeared, despite different browsers and a restart . . . is it working for other folks? (If so, I probably need to go reset the router . . . )

Working great for me... but if yours isn't, will you get this message??? :-(
lol The community pages are working just fine. (They're at It's the main page that I can't see:

I can get to all kinds of other places on the web . . . just not the Knit Picks store. Hmmm. Maybe it's the router, after all . . .


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