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I'm learning to knit socks on two and one circular needles. What I would like to know is how do I transfer patterns that are for double pointed needles to making them with circular? For example, if a pattern calls for doing stitiches on the fourth needle how does this transfer onto the circular needles? I'm confused?

Yarn Basket
It takes a little thinking, but you need to think about the right half and the left half of the sock (or the back and the front, if you like to use a smaller needle for the sole to get better wear). It doesn't matter whether the pattern is for f dpns or 5 dpns. Half of the sts go on one circ and half on the other. Try to picture the sock, instead of what's on any one needle. The first couple of times, I used st markers to indicate when I would have switched from one dpn to the next. If you're doing a heel flap and turn, you do that on one circ while the instep sts wait. As you pick up the gusset sts, you may want to put half of the heel sts on one circ and half of the instep sts on one, so you have half of the heel sts and half of the instep sts on each circ. Then you will have the picked-up gusset sts between the heel sts and the instep sts on one needle, and a mirror image on the other side. Or you can keep all of the heel sts on one circ, along with the picked-up gusset sts on each side, and the instep sts on the other. Just keep plugging away, and eventually the whole thing will make sense. I was confused and challenged in the beginning, too. Now I don't even have to think about it any more. It will come. Keep thinking: "One side of the sock on one needle, other side of sock on other needle." It's actually easier than dpns. Happy knitting! --Peggy
hi i wanted to ask ,incase we want to join two ends for example two ends of a knitted is it done?
Are you trying to make your scarf into a loop, such as for a "smoke ring?" If so, I would try Kitchener st, but how you do it depends on whether it's stockinette, garter, or ribbing (or other st). There are some tutorials for this in a variety of places. You can google "kitchener stitch in stockinette" or whatever, and you should find them. If this isn't what you mean, let me know what you're trying to do. I'll try to help. --Peggy
There's a way to link to, or at least find out about, Ravelry membership. Any chance there will be ways to connect to people who also have Facebook accounts, in the future?
We actually have a page set up for Knit Picks fans on Facebook here-
That's probably the best way to find other Knit Picks lovers on Facebook. We also send updates through Facebook to our fans about new free patterns we post, new products that just became available (like new yarn colors), and our book sales.
Oooo, I'm going to need another bookmark on my browser! :-} --Peggy
Oh YAY! Thanks! I've had a Facebook acct for a year, but all my online friends are technophobes and won't get an account! I figure I'll have a better chance with the KnitPicks Community! LOL!

Maybe I'll be able to finally USE my Facebook acct now and will inclined to check it more than once or month or when I posted something to make sure it got there okay! I'm almost giddy!!!

Portland, OR
Star: I'll let you know if I need help with Facebook! --Peggy
Okay... I'm a little confused how the "Facebook Fan" thing works... nothing about KP shows up on my Facebook page... that I can see anyway... after clicking that I'm a fan. Do I just get "Notifications" on that tab from you guys in the future? There is an option to set up an application, "Simply RSS," where I can set up to receive up to 5 RSS feeds directly at Facebook and I'd like to set KnitPicks up, probably as my only one, but I'm not entirely certain how to get that link into the setup page for that Facebook application... probably making it harder than it needs to be?

I'm guessing if I just click on the RSS link in my browser bar, at the main KP Community page, or maybe the main KP page, that I could copy/paste that address into this app setup? But, I'm not sure which to use, if either of them... maybe I could copy the address, at the Facebook Fan page into that, but it doesn't look like it has an RSS feed there... If I could keep a running tab on KP from my Facebook acct, that would be great! That way I can monitor things really easily from my iPhone too, without having to open Safari! :-)

This would be a great thing to have on the main KP webpage... that one can become a Fan at Facebook, and all the detailed directions on how to combine KP and Facebook? Facebook is becoming SO popular and I had no idea there were any connections from KP to it!

Peggy... I have a reference book for Facebook, so if I don't know the answer to a question, I may be able to find it. Facebook is largely self-explanatory, but it does take some getting used to... poking around in it can't do any major damage. :-) {That I know of...}

One thing I do highly recommend is that one of the FIRST things to do is go to "Settings" at the very very top, then to "Privacy" and set privacy settings for EVERYthing you can possibly find to set... which is everything on Facebook. And anytime you add something to your Facebook page, make sure you make a point to look for Privacy settings for that app or component. It is a wonderful program, but the only reason I agreed to set up an account is because it offers such expansive Privacy options!
Star: The "major damage" may be to my befuzzled brain! --Peggy
Now that you are a fan on Facebook, you'll get "updates" from us about new free patterns, contests, and other things like that. You can also see what pages you are a fan of by clicking on your name in the upper right navigation on your main page, then clicking on Info, then scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Hope that helps!

We'll have to look into the RSS question and get back to you.


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