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Thank you sooooo much, yes, it is "this site", I am a member of Raverly but have never looked at their forum.

Thanks also for the other sites you mentioned.


You are more than welcome.

  I am planning to knit a nativity for Christmas.  I want to use Palette and have a question I hope someone can answer.

What color would be appropriate for a Caucasian flesh tone? 

Thank you,


That's a tough one, Faith.  All the peachy/coral/pinky colors are way too dark for skin tones.  I think the one that would best represent a caucasian flesh tone is Oyster Heather.  But it would only be a representation, since this is definitely an off white color.  You might try dyeing it in a little bit of strawberry/lemonade mixture of kool-aid to achieve the right color.  If you don't want to experiment with the dyeing yourself, I could try some out for you.

Faith, I have a Christmas stocking that I do. It is extremely hard to find flesh tones in most yarns. I was fortunate enough to find a Jo Sharp DK weight that is perfect but it was discontinued years ago. I suggest you think about looking into tapestry yarns. There is a much wider selection of flesh tone colors. This was one of my options until I found this Jo Sharp. I think it would probably work well with Palette.

  Thank you for the suggestions.  I think I will try tea dying the yarn.  I made a doll a while back and used cream yarn.  I then buffed mineral makeup into the finished doll.  It worked really well, but it is a bit unconventional.  The thing is, I got the right color and was able to pink up the cheeks a bit. 

Because the mineral makeup was pure pigment, it didn't transfer to your hands when the doll was handled.

I just feel like this is such a goofy method.  I am a bit of a purest when it comes to knitting....maybe I should just go for it, and call myself revolutionary!! LOL!!

Very interesting.

Hi!  I made a lil cuddle sack for a baby shower, and a hat and working on the blanket now, but my question is, will the girl know what the cuddle sack is or should I print off a small picture and pin it to it?  I dont want to be embarrassed with her asking what it is. 


Mary, very cute baby sack. Do you have a doll you could place in it? Just a thought.

I wished I had one to see how the fit would be, but I do not.  What were you thinking?  :)

Chances are real big I will send the gift off and not be able to attend. 

I forgot to say thank you. :)  Thank you. 

I was just thinking if you could present it with a doll in it, she would definitely understand how it works. You might want to find a picture with a baby in one.


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