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I am sure there is a guide to this question somewhere but I don't know where to start. Can anyone tell me how you approximate a yarn weight when you are doubling strands. For example if I take two strands fingering weight wool what wieght would that give me approximately? Is there a rule of thumb anyone knows? Would it give me sport weight? If I double the wool strands would I double the needle size?  I know I could knit a gauge but it seems so time consuming I am looking for a short cut :)

Thanks for any thoughts

A simple rule of thumb is this:

Take the sts per in of the yarn,  multiply by 2, then divide by three to find out what the sts per in gauge should be for the doubled strands.

EXAMPLE: For a fingering yarn at 7 sts to the in:  7 x 2 = 14/3 = 4.67 st/in

So, your doubled fingering weight yarn would be DK/worsted weight for knitting and you would want to use the needle that gives you that gauge when knitting.

Thanks that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for thanks so much!

I need to write that rule of thumb in my notes somewhere or I will be looking for it again next month :)

LOL!  I found  it on Ravelry a few weeks ago but didn't write it down, or bookmark it!  Yep!  Had to go do a post search on Rav to find it for you!  I'll not be forgetting it now!  So Thank You!!

Thats funny because first I was on Ravelry and I thought where am I ever going to start to find an answer to this question and then I saw the "question that doesn't fit" line of conversation over here at knitpicks and thought "hey I can be lazy and post my question and maybe someone will have the answer :)

Thanks for saving me a bunch of time!!

You're welcome!  I wouldn't have known the answer, nor probably thought of a post search on rav if I hadn't stumbled across it before!  It worked out well for both of us!

Holly, I think your best bet is what you have already suggested, rip back the sleeves and bottom. I would do the sleeves first and then decide if the length of the body needs to be done as well.

Holly, click here for help.

I was wondering if it is necessary to block the cotton and superwash yarns like you do with wool

Hi There!

We have a whole guide to blocking easy-care yarns such as superwash wool, cotton, and acrylic on the Knit Picks blog.

You can find it here:

Hope that helps!


I'm new to this forum, so don't know if this will reach anybody, but my question is:  Does anyone know what happened to

Knitting Paradise website??

Thanks so much,


Enid, you might check out the different knitalongs. Currently the most active groups are Ask the Fairy Godknitters and the Spin Along. But if one of the groups appears helpful to you, just jump in and post. Many of us still follow all or most of the forums. I belong to all of them and receive messages when anyone posts. If I don't have an answer, I might know who does.

Are you talking about this site? I've never really used that site so I don't know if it has ever looked different.

Are you a member of Ravelry? I lurked there for years before becoming active because I found it very overwhelming because it is so large. And there are some groups over there that are not nearly as friendly as here. But then there are also groups that are very friendly. I just avoid the groups that I don't feel are friendly.

Just pop in anywhere here and someone will usually help. If you have problems navigating the site, someone will help.


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