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Catherine, I have heard good things about both the Royal and the KP winders, but I am extremely hard on things. I think I have even owned a Royal. And I've owned several other plastic ball winders. But before KP came out with their own winder, I did purchase a heavy duty ball winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks, but it is now $215.. I bought this when they first came on the market so the price was about $40 to $50 less than now. This was in 2006. At the time, I was doing a lot of winding because I was selling some kits. I had already been through 3 winders so I had already spent over $150 within less than 6 mnths, so it was worth it for me to spend the extra money. The only times I have problems with this one is when I have failed to clean it for awhile. But if you aren't planning a lot of heavy duty winding, I would consider either of the ones KP carries.

And, as Susan says, if you are going to invest in a winder, you really need to invest in an umbrella swift.

I have a Royal that I bought in 2004 from a local supplier (at a then price of $40).  I have lots of children who have helped wind balls and who have played with it a little. (It shoots TP tubes off in a very fine manner! =D )

It is beginning to show some wear, we have even had it pop apart and had to put it back together, but were able to do so and continue using it just fine.  I would buy another again, even at the $60.  It is great for the home fiber artist who needs to wind their own balls of yarn. 

Hi Catherine,


I have had the KP winder for over a year and it works beautifully.  I use it when needed and then store it.  Go with what feels right for you and your needs.

As Cheryl mentioned - don't forget the swift.

Hi Catherine,

I too have the KP ball winder.  It has worked great for me every time.  I do not use it on a daily basis, or for that matter even monthly, but when I do use it, it gets a work out.  I keep mine in it's original box although it doesn't fit as it did when brand new, so I put it in a clear plastic zip bag left over from a set of sheets.  I have lots of dust here so that  helps keeps it nice and clean, and I can see exactly what is in the bag. 

Didn't you forget to tell Catherine something really, really important? I mean that's sort of like when I told my boys that a half truth is worse than a lie!

Catherine, Nutty is about due with her 12th child! So when she says her ball winder shoots TP tubes off in a very fine manner, she ain't kiddin'!

"I have lots of children..."

No lie!!  Not even a half truth!!  Two 'lots' of soon to be 6 each!! =))))))

Now for the explanation:  Catherine, I lost my first husband in '98 when we had 6 children.  Current DH and I married in '03 and 'our' 6th is due in March. (Hence the two 'lots' or 'batches' of children.)  Cheryl is the adopted 'Texas Granny' and just loves to give me a hard time!! =)

Uh, oh, this Granny better get her behind to the post office today! Two of those chillens have birthdays coming up.

Hello everyone, even though I have been a member for a
while now, I've never had a Question before. I am hoping someone can answer my question.
I ran accross a stitch I've never seen before.
 Q- how do you purl tbl on th purl side?
Thanks, Charlene

Hi Charlene,

I'm not certain, but I think it means one purls through the back loop instead of the front loop. It might feel a tad uncomfortable if you do the knit stitch in the "regular" way. You'll have to reach for the loop. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

Charlene, I hope this video helps you!

cherylbwater,this is the answer i was looking for. Thank you so much!I

I have been knitting for 40 plus years. being . thought i knew just about everything

and being smug about it, well i guess you know this humbled me. I will no longer

be so uppity about something. lesson learned.

again thanks for taking the time to answer my  question. charlene   l

Charlene, we also have a group called Ask the Fairy Godknitters. Please feel free to ask questions over there as well. I think more people see the questions there.


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