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Holly, I think they've said it all. It is very unusual for the number of sts to be the same as the number of rows, especially for stockinette stitch. Stockinette st is definitely wider than tall, therefore you will need more rows for the same number of inches for stitches. Wendy is correct. It is much more important to reach gauge with the sts. Rows can be adjusted.

You also might want to check out the different knit/spin/dye/crochet alongs. You will find a lot of information there and lots of fun. We tend to go off on lots of tangents, but it is a way to get to know each other.

Has anyone knit the Impressionist afghan by Nina Isaacson? 

I just received the yarn and pattern.  The yarn kit by Knit Picks is just beautiful.  But the pattern is really tricky. 

If someone could advise me how to start this thing, I would forever greatful.  I think if could get past the first part, I could get going.  Also in the "set-up , I don't see rows 7 and 8.  Don't know why these two rows are missing.


Betty, I don't have the pattern but click here for the errata. If that doesn't help you, you might send Jenny a message to see if she can get someone from KP to help.

Hello! Is there any part in particular that you are getting caught up  at in the pattern? I took a look at both patterns, and it looks like the set up row lists row 1-7. It then continues the increase section with is just two rows (one rs and one ws) that are worked while including the edge charts to either side. For the first seven set up rows, it looks like you are simple doing increases on the right side and purl/knits on the wrong side. After the set up row, simply work the edge chart, slip marker, increase, knit to next marker (right up to other edge pattern), increase, work other side of edge chart. The wrong side is worked the same but without any increases. This continues the same way until you start decreases, where decreases are worked in place of the increases.


Let me know what questions you have and we can get things back on track for you :)


jenny @ knit picks

I look at my shopping cart. In it I have some yarn and I don't remember why I wanted to order it!!
Is there any way to add a notation to my order that reminds me as to why I wanted that particular yarn??
My fuzzy mind keeps wandering!!
Marty, I certainly agree! It would be extremely nice to be make a notation when we buy yarn. I received some just yesterday. I know there were 2 projects specifically in mind. I did buy a few that were on close out, but I bought 6, yes 6 skeins of yarn of one color and I have no idea why I would have bought so much. I don't think it was because it was on close out. Oh, well, it will eventually have a purpose.
That is a piece of information I put in my projects plans spreadsheet.  I put the yarn I'm planning to use, and mark whether or not I have the yarn in my stash or not.  It really comes in handy.
Oh! Oh! That sounds like a great idea. So you use something like Excel or do younuse Ravelry's Queue system or something else??

I do well to remember to come in out of the rain much less remember what future projects I had in mind.
I use an Excel spreadsheet, but once I make the final decision, sometimes I'll also put it in the info on my que or favs on Ravelry... that way, when I get ready to start the project I have all the info I need.
Sounds like a plan!!
I knew that Susan did this. Why didn't I think to tell you she did this? I still would like to have a comment box on KP to remind me what I am purchasing the yarn for.
That would come in handy.


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