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Actually, Cheryl, I believe it has seed stitch on each side to keep it from rolling.  I love the was featured in one of KP's catalogs done in City Tweed Snowshoe.  I loved it so much, I bought the book the pattern was in, bought the yarn and away I went!

Well, seed stitch should certainly have kept it from curling. It may be that the drape of the City Tweed because of the drape from the alpaca is causing it to curl. I've used City Tweed but in nothing that is flat. I did a bag with it that I felted. It felts beautifully. I've done some cute stuffed strawberries which worked great and I'm currently doing the Morgan hat from

I suggest you check with customer service to see if they have any suggestions or to find out if the drape took over the sample scarf also.

Hope you have a joyous holiday season, Cindy.

I want to make an Einstein coat with your yarn, can you make a couple suggestions?
If you are referring to the Einstein coat in Sally Melville's book The Knit Stitch, I think Swish Bulky would work.  Of course you would have to swatch to be sure.  But if it does work to gauge, the Swish is machine washable!!  Yea!
I did not know what an Einstein Coat was, and did a Google search.  Several pictures came up, and when I clicked on many a yarn name appeared.  This may help you.  A Neat looking garment.  Hope this helps you.
Hey, Angela! How are you? I love Sally Melville's patterns. I think this would be a terrific coat.
I am just learning to spin on a borrowed wheel and I want to purchase my own wheel. I am liking the Kromski Fantasia but I would want to purchase the additional whorls it talks about in the description. I do not see these for sale on the site. Also, many dealers offer store credit toward the purchase of roving or accessories for the wheel. Is Knit PIcks doing this or will they be doing this?
Joy, you might check with customer service to get answers to your questions. You might also want to join the Spin Along.

Hi All, I thought I would never do another sweater again just because it takes so long, but I found something like a loose hoodie type of sweater that I wish to try.

Already I am having a problem figuring out the gauge. The pattern says 10 sts + 13 rows = 4 in.

I've done a swatch (granted I still need to wash and dry, but I like to see before and after results). Anyway, I got 3 sts to an inch. and for me 13 rows made 3.25 inches. If I'm figuring this out correctly, I need to go down needle size. Am I right or totally off?


Thanks for you help, Larry

The smaller the needle, the more sts per inch. It is usually more important to get sts per inch than rows per inch. When gauge is really important I will do a swatch with several different needle sizes. I delineate the swatches with a couple of rows of garter st and I do the number of yarn overs for the size needle I am swatching. As soon as I can locate my photo of how I do this, I will post it here.


If you will click here, it will take you to a comment I made about swatching and you can see the photo.

I also do the same method of gauge swatches that you mentioned, good call on the yarn overs matching the needle size used! I'll use that trick next time :)
I forgot to mention that if I'm using a needle in between sizes I will add a st marker to the YOs to show it is a half size.


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