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I hear you. Thanks so much for sharing!
There's no sense in researching if you keep it a secret. What fun is it to know how to do something if that info dies with you. And I don't mean the joy of dyeing! Glad you enjoy it being shared. It makes me happy to share it.

Hey guys I reallyneed some help with a project.  I am knitting a sweater using Wool of the Andes in the worsted weight size.  I am knitting the Kangaroo sweater by Sally Melville's book The Knitting Experience The Purl Stitch.  Okay here is my problem.  It has been requested to knit this sweater with the body as one color and the sleeves, hood and pocket as another.  I know how much yarn I'm going to need for the total project.  How do I figure out how much yarn for the two different colors?  I have the dimensions for each but haven't figured out the math for an accurate yarn amount.   Any ideas?

Hi Crystal, hope this will help you.

The first thing you should do is make a drawing of the pattern parts with the measurements such as this,

making one for each of the pattern pieces.  Then find the total area (of all the pieces) as well as the area for each part.  Then you need to work percentages for each part compared to the whole for the pattern.  Use these percentages to determine how much yarn is needed for each part of the pattern and buy your colors/yardages accordingly.

Excellent advice, Nutty!

Thanks, Cheryl.  At least I got one thing figured out today!  LOL

Yes...thank you.....What a simple solution.  Well it just goes to show you that sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look at a problem that you've been overthinking. 

You're Welcome!  And I know what you mean about the overthinking thing!  Glad the fog cleared for you.  =)))

Hello there, I am starting a new project and it calls for a round cast on. Is this the same thing as the Italian or tubular cast on? Thanks.



Tami, the only cast on you mentioned I am familiar with is the tubular. So I did some research. The only thing I came up with for a "round cast on" was setting up for knitting in the round. The Italian cast on brought up two different methods. One was same as the tubular cast on and the other one seemed to be similar to a German Twisted cast on.

Wish I could be of more help, but could it mean that they are just telling you to cast on for a project knit in the round? ❤c

Hi - my computer crashed and I lost the link to where I log into my IDP account....does anyone know what the link is?

Hi Knitiot,

You need to email me for the link, it's not a public link.




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