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That is awesome! That is definately going on the "list"!
Thanks, Gale. I really do think the KP ball winder is a great deal for most people. And I had this before KP was offering a winder.
Thank You!!!!!! So glad that I joined this site...wonderful info from experts!!!
Experts? LOL
Hello everyone,

I've just finished a pair of fingerless mitts which came out very well thanks to Kelley's videos on thumb gussets! However, my yarn is a bit too scratchy for my taste. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to help the finished product feel softer? I've heard of soaking in hair conditioner - does that work? Is there something that may be better?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks so much.
What is your fiber content? I have used a little hair conditioner, [an herbal - Nature's Gate brand] on wool. I think it did help some. I don't know about the cheaper chain brands.
PS Cowgirl just came by and said again: "I really like her avatar!"
Hi Nutty,

Good to hear from you! I used a Plymouth Yarn - Encore worsted 75% acrylic- 25% wool for this, largely because it is a gift for a smoker and I wanted something that could be thrown in the washer & dryer often - with minimal upkeep.

Any ideas?

P.S. Tell Cowgirl thank you - I love this avatar photo too.
Not sure if the conditioner would do this yarn any good or not. I haven't used the Encore myself. I would say give it a try, it wouldn't hurt the yarn. Of course, if it does make a difference, the recipient of the gift would have to repeat the process each time it is washed, so you might want to try a washer/dryer round yourself first.
Let me know how it turns out! That may make/break my use of this yarn. If my LYS even carries it anymore. I'm tinking they might have discontinued it.
Thanks Nutty. I'll give the washing a try and let you know how it goes.
The person could always wear them NOT as fingerless gloves. Get a pair of cheap knit gloves for $1 and they could wear them under your hand knit fingerless ones. That's how a local gal is knitting for her granddaughters this year. Then the scratchy wouldn't be an issue. Just one idea.
Thanks Sue - Interesting idea. However, these will be worn in a drafty building environment where my friend also works on a computer - so the fingered gloves are out.

I've also just checked Ravelry and people who have used this yarn have commented that washing helps soften it up - so perhaps that will do the trick. It's not terribly scratchy - but I am very sensitive to anything not super soft (as is my friend) therefore I wanted to make sure the mitts are as comfotable as possible for her.

I also made a matching scarf, so I want that to be comfortable as well. I'll post some photos as soon as I finish off the ends. The mitts and scarf are really very nice looking - so I'm pleased with the results, but want to make sure they are comfy to wear.

Thanks again!

The idea of using some inexpensive gloves underneath could still be an option IF you cut off the tips of the fingers, rolled the ends back a bit and stitch a small hem in them so they wouldn't unravel.  That is, IF that might be something that would work well on the job.



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