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I love hats of all kinds!
That is awesome! That is definately going on the "list"!
Thanks, Gale. I really do think the KP ball winder is a great deal for most people. And I had this before KP was offering a winder.
Thank You!!!!!! So glad that I joined this site...wonderful info from experts!!!
Experts? LOL
Hello everyone,

I've just finished a pair of fingerless mitts which came out very well thanks to Kelley's videos on thumb gussets! However, my yarn is a bit too scratchy for my taste. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to help the finished product feel softer? I've heard of soaking in hair conditioner - does that work? Is there something that may be better?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks so much.
What is your fiber content? I have used a little hair conditioner, [an herbal - Nature's Gate brand] on wool. I think it did help some. I don't know about the cheaper chain brands.
PS Cowgirl just came by and said again: "I really like her avatar!"
Hi Nutty,

Good to hear from you! I used a Plymouth Yarn - Encore worsted 75% acrylic- 25% wool for this, largely because it is a gift for a smoker and I wanted something that could be thrown in the washer & dryer often - with minimal upkeep.

Any ideas?

P.S. Tell Cowgirl thank you - I love this avatar photo too.
Not sure if the conditioner would do this yarn any good or not. I haven't used the Encore myself. I would say give it a try, it wouldn't hurt the yarn. Of course, if it does make a difference, the recipient of the gift would have to repeat the process each time it is washed, so you might want to try a washer/dryer round yourself first.
Let me know how it turns out! That may make/break my use of this yarn. If my LYS even carries it anymore. I'm tinking they might have discontinued it.
Thanks Nutty. I'll give the washing a try and let you know how it goes.
The person could always wear them NOT as fingerless gloves. Get a pair of cheap knit gloves for $1 and they could wear them under your hand knit fingerless ones. That's how a local gal is knitting for her granddaughters this year. Then the scratchy wouldn't be an issue. Just one idea.
Thanks Sue - Interesting idea. However, these will be worn in a drafty building environment where my friend also works on a computer - so the fingered gloves are out.

I've also just checked Ravelry and people who have used this yarn have commented that washing helps soften it up - so perhaps that will do the trick. It's not terribly scratchy - but I am very sensitive to anything not super soft (as is my friend) therefore I wanted to make sure the mitts are as comfotable as possible for her.

I also made a matching scarf, so I want that to be comfortable as well. I'll post some photos as soon as I finish off the ends. The mitts and scarf are really very nice looking - so I'm pleased with the results, but want to make sure they are comfy to wear.

Thanks again!


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