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You could probably get away with felting it, though! (Felting hides all kinds of things!) --P
Knit, Personally, I think when you do an i-cord BO that it looks even neater - see my baby blanket, knit in the round with i-cord all around... turned out great! ♥s
Thanks to all for their concern. That helps a lot and I appreciate it. I have hired help to clean house, it was such a mess it needed a professional!! She comes every 2 weeks. DH is a BIG help too. There is no family near by but one helps by sending me jokes and the other helps by answering my doctor questions: DIL is a doctor. She is why I am still alive: she sent me to Mayo.

Making it one day at a time.
Marty in AZ
That's exactly the kind of help you need! One to keep you laughing and the other to keep you alive! Just don't forget that we care about you! ♥s
Susan has said it all! ♥c
Hang in there, Marty! We need you! (DD has access to Mayo through her work, teaching at U of WI at La Crosse. She went there for genetic counseling and found out she has little to worry about, but good to have it.) --P
Again, Thanks everyone. It is fun to come to a cheerful place and see people having fun knitting and chatting. I have 3 knitting projects under way at once, and one needlepoint project and a BIG genealogy project. As long as my in basket is full, I can't leave!

Bright sunshine in AZ helps, though it is windy today. Headed for more chemo tomorrow.

Peggy, glad DD found that she need not worry about her genes.
Marty in AZ
So am I! She took a blood test called a "quad" test. Her dr. said she had a slightly elevated risk of carrying a child with Down Syndrome. They went to the nearest Mayo Clinic for a special ultrasound (I've forgotten what it was called), but the genetic counselor said the test results actually indicated that she had a reduced risk. So she only got the regular ultrasound. --P
Marty, keep that basket full! ♥c
No problem with keeping the basket full. When I have a good day, I keep adding new projects instead of finishing old ones. I do what is fun. All else doesn't get done.
Enjoying the process! I like that! If you worry too much about the product, sometimes it isn't as much fun. I keep telling myself that while I'm working to finish up the baby stuff. --P
Glad to hear it! ♥c


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