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Alpaca wears well and feels good against the skin, but shouldn't be washed in the washing machine because it felts. I have some Imagination sock yarn I have used for gloves, and they came out very nice. I love the alpaca content. --P
I put all my handknit socks right through the washer & dryer and haven't had any problems. I use regular washing machine detergent. Before I discovered Knitpicks, I knit my first socks out of Lang Jawool and they wear like iron. They have matching nylon reinforcing thread that's included with each skein that you carry along with the regular yarn in the toes and heels. The very first pair I knit over three years ago are still going strong and I wash and wear them all the time. I have one pair knit from Felici (75% merino, 25% nylon) and they are a little pilled, but they are very soft and are wearing well. Turning them inside out would probably solve the pilling problem.
Good Morning and Happy Holidays! This is my first time EVER on any forum and I'm just a baby Knitter, only a year old. I designed and knit my first afghan and weaved in all the ends (as directed). I could only enjoy my afghan for 3 days until all the squares began to come UNRAVELED!
Help, what went wrong?! Any and all thoughts are very much appreciated!!
Taylor: It's hard to say for sure without seeing it. A photo would help a lot. What kind of yarn did you use? Some fibers take extra care to stay put. When you say "unraveled," do you mean that the woven-in ends are coming out, or are your squares actually coming undone? A normal bind-off shouldn't come unraveled, no matter what fiber. --P
Taylor, What method did you use to connect your squares... When I am connecting two knitted pieces, like in an afghan, I usually use the mattress stitch, which I have never had come unraveled. --S
Susan: It didn't occur to me that she meant the seaming coming unraveled. I'm glad you picked up on that. We might be able to answer this without a photo. --P
Hi Susan and Peggy!
Thanks for replying. I never got email notification that you both responded...I just fixed that problem. My squares themselves were not coming unraveled, thank goodness, it was the seam connecting the squares. I used the garter stitch for my squares and used the mattress stitch to connect them. I used the super bulky yarn from knitpicks, I did have a tight knit on my squares and it seemed when the squares were stretched by use, the seams connecting the squares came unraveled in many places. Maybe I didn't weave in correctly? Maybe a mattress stitch is used best with stockinette stitch? What is the best way to weave in? Thanks so much!
Which super bulky yarn did you use - Suri Dream ... I don't know of another super bulky yarn that they carry. I would think that mattress stitch would work OK for the garter stitch... that is what I used on my Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ), which is all stockinette. You might check the tutorials listed under learn at the top of the page. When you do the mattress stitch, you need to pull the ends very tightly, and weave in about 6" of your yarn at least. --S
Many great questions and informative answers! I'm pretty new here at "KP" as you call the community and I already love it. I want to recommend a site filled with information on many knitting-connected things:

Bead knitting patterns

Happy Knitting!
Olivia: Welcome to our community! I haven't tried using beads yet, but I've been thinking about it. Thanks! --P
I have worn a hole at the heel of one of my knit socks, and the other heel is looking pretty thin. Does anyone know where I can look for directions on how to darn my very much loved socks.?
Hi IrmoKnitter,

That is very sad :( But here's some info on darning socks I found:

How To Darn A Sock

Here's a video too!

Darning a Sock

Hope this helps!


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