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Hi, I have looked all over the internet and have not found any how toos. I am knitting a jacket, I want to line the inside... but I can find directions anywhere?! Dose anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks so much.
Becky: Is your jacket knit flat and then sewn together? If so, you can use your knitted pieces as a pattern to cut out the lining. Sew the pieces together with a fairly narrow hem and put the lining (WS out) into the completed sweater. Turn under all exposed raw edges and sew them to the corresponding parts of the sweater. Any other ideas out there? --P
I'm not sure if this should be posted here, but I couldn't find anywhere else to start a new discussion. Sorry if this was the wrong place, but maybe someone can help me with the following:

I just finished knitting a baby blanket in stockinette stitch using Shine Worsted. I'm planning to add a fabric back to it, but I need to get it lay flat first. I am wondering if its best to wash and dry it first, or to steam block it flat first. I'm going to want to wash both the blanket and the fabric backing before sewing them together just to make sure nothing shrinks. I'm just not sure if its better to block first.

Does it matter which order I do that in? Will the washing and drying just bring back what curing I am able to get rid of during blocking anyway? If thats the case, I would end up having to steam block it flat after washing, and I could save the effort and just do it last.

Any insight would be appreciated!
I'd wash it first, then block it. I think I've read that blocking is undone when the item is washed, but even if it isn't, if anything has gotten on it while you were working on it, if you block it, you'll steam it right into the fabric, and it won't come out when you wash it. Even if it's nothing that shows, I still like to make sure what I make is really clean before I consider it finished.
That makes sense. Thanks!
I agree with Catherine. Also, you may end up using steam on this yarn as it doesn't have wool and so doesn't block the same way as wool. --P
I'd like to add that if the entire blanket is stockinette stitch, you may not ever be able to get the curl out... If doing anything like that in st st, I usually doa garter st border of 3 - 5 inches to prevent the curling. On cotton shawls that I have recently knit, I machine washed them and got most of the water out in the spin cycle, then blocked them. I have not tried to steam any of the cotton items of that nature that I have knit.

Just my own personal experience. --S
Yes, the stockinette is hard to get perfectly flat. But I did another baby blanket that was all stockinette using superwash wool. It did get very flat after blocking, and then I added a cotton fabric to the back side. It hasn't recurled and I have no idea if that's because of the blocking or because of the fabric. Since that was spray blocked (not steam) I did the blocking and sewing BEFORE washing on that one.

I'm hoping for the same non curling stockinette results with the cotton yarn. We'll see!
With the backing sewn on, that might prevent the curling altogether. I recently did a baby blanket in garter st for my DDIL and the baby she is expecting. Instead of blocking I washed and dried everything! The only thing I blocked was the BSJ... all of my items were cotton, and everything looked great when finished. --S
I waited too long to order the "Learn to Knit" scarf and hat kit. Will it be available again? I want to give it to a friend I will be teaching to knit.
This just got posted as a pattern with in the last week. Take a look at patterns. Hope you have found it already. Renee
Still can't find it! I went through all the patterns. I'm looking for the basic "learn to knit" pattern for a hat and scarf. I used Wool of the Andies bulky yarn. It took 2 solid and 1 handpainted skeins.


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