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What you could probably do is stop working the bottom after the second cable loop, and then in the first round of the waistband, decrease the same number of stitches that would be decreased in that last cable loop. You'll have to block it carefully to avoid puckering, but City Tweed does block well! That should take about 3 inches off the length.
Black sheep jacket. I am trying to figure out what the yoke is of this jacket, because I have to have it measure 6 1/2 "
Hi psalm127,

What size are you making? From the underarm to top of the shoulder I have measurements of 10¼” (SM) 10½”(MED) 11¼(LG) 11¾”(XLG)

I hope that helps!
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Hi Stacey,
Thanks for suggesting Ravelry. Wow, what a resource! I saw all sorts of successful Crayon projects. Chemo caps to wonderful afghans & shawls. One woman even knit the February cardi in Crayon. It looked very nice. I have confidence that I can do what I want with Crayon!
I'll bet folks will appreciate having tips on your site, especially for knitting adult stuff.. And frogging Crayon isn't fun since it sort of "catches" on itself.
I think Crayon is great stuff. Thanks, Karen
Dear Karen,

Great! Ravelry is a fantastic resource for all yarns/pattens/information, I'm glad it helped you out!

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I am starting the Chinook Lace Shawl (actually 3 of them for 3 special friends) and 2 strands are used throughout... What is the best way to end up with two strands from one hank --- do I wind it approximately half-way and cut, then wind the remainder?

Also, I'm knitting the Montavilla Market Bag right now and find it hard to believe that I can make two bags from the kit... should I slightly stretch it out as I measure the 12-inch length?

And, why aren't you guys going to be at the Sock Summit in Portland next month? I buy most of the knitting stash from Knit Picks!!
1. I would wind a center pull skein and use the inside end and the outside end together. I have done this before and it works.

2. I knit one Montabilla Market Bag and gave the other to my neighbor to knit ... she is nearly finished, and still has plenty of yarn. It will be OK.
Thank you for your assistance - I've never wound a center pull skein...I assume that would involve leaving a long enough tail on the winder so that it's accessible once the winding is done. And the Montavilla Bag is coming out beautifully, I'm close to the top band/handle and will give it to my mother for her shopping.
The center pull is accomplished by leaving enough tail on the little grooves of the ball winder so that the yarn is easily accessible from the center. I've only done this a few times to use one skein of yarn in a double strand but it does work. Glad you bag is coming along.
Question/feedback from the knitting community.

I am looking at yarn to make a baby blanket for my niece. I’m looking at yarn that I have not used in the past and was wondering if anyone here has any experience w/using it. It’s Sirdar “Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK”Yarn.

Has anyone here used that in the past?
Some years ago the Knit Picks catalog featured a Pie Are Square shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman in Knitting Around. I have just finished the shawl but the edging shown in Knitting Around doesn't seem to be the one shown in the catalog. I would love to do the edging that was shown in the catalog. If you have made the shawl with the edging as featured in the Knit Picks catalog I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
Hi Emily,

Do you know what catalog it was in? I might be able to hunt down that information.

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