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Hi lookakookaburra!

We have many yarns that would be good for socks - you can use any weight of yarn for socks but the ones that hold up best, in my opinion, is a fingering or sports weight wool/nylon blend. Stroll would be your best bet:

Stroll Tweed
Stroll Multi
Stroll Kettle Dyed

Felici is another one that is great - I have made several pairs and they have all held up well. In fact I have a pair on today! :)


Both the Felici & Stroll hold up well because of the nylon content, but if you are not as hard on your socks as I am, the rest of the KnitPicks sock yarns are here.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!
Customer Service
Crayon yarn is luscious. But I'm having trouble finding adult patterns. My first attempt at a short sleeved cardi stretched a lot. I frogged. I've done several yarn swatches since, even adding a fingering weight rayon. I'd like tips for working effectively with this lovely yarn.

I don't think crayon is the best name for this yarn. I'd also like to see adult-sized patterns, tips for choosing patterns, and tips for knitting with Crayon, maybe even more colors!
Karen in OH
Hi Karen,

Just in case you hadn't seen this, we do have an adult sweater on the website in Crayon

Plain Vanilla Pullover

I hope that helps!
Customer Service
has anyone tried to knit a shopping bag using recycled plastic bags? i have a huge collection of plastic bags in various colors that i'd like to recycle into a mesh bag of some sort, but i'm not sure how exactly to go about it. should i knit with one strand of yarn along with the plastic strand or double-strand the plastic or maybe even something else?

thanks for any ideas!
I knitted with it once but I just made a square. I got the idea from a lady at an art fair who was selling the cutest little purses made from it. Here's how she showed me to do it. Lay the bag down and cut the bottom portion in strips of about 1" up until the handle portion. You will have strips that look like rings. Don't cut the rings because you will use the plastic yarn doubled. It's hard to explain how to attach the rings to make one long yarn. I'll try to find a youtube on this. Do know that knitting with it is not easy since its not as smooth as real yarn. But it is fun and interesting. I wish you well. Post pics when you're done.
Thanks, yes I saw that pattern. Won't the sweater stretch if a large gauge is used? Karen in OH
Hi Karen,

That I'm not sure on. In looking at some notes of people's finished projects, I hadn't seen that issue come up, but it is possible. I hope not because I have a bunch of Crayon to use to make this myself! :)

If you are a member of Ravelry, you can scroll through the finished projects of Crayon for some more ideas!

Crayon finished projects on Ravelry

Hope that helps!
Customer Service
I'm knitting the Helmet Liners for Soldiers pattern. I've made several, but I still don't like using the reverse loop method to cast on 59 stitches in the middle of the pattern. Knitting this project involves ribbing for 6 inches, then leaving the original circular needle in place, knitting 35 stitches off to a 2nd and larger circular needle and the casting on 59 stitches on that second needle to knit the cap part of the project. I haven't been able to think of any way to do this other than the reverse loop method. But it makes a loose and funky looking row that I have to later cover up when I knit the ribbing around the face. Can anyone give me some better ideas? Thanks.
I figured it out. I cast on the 59 new stitches using the knitted cast on, except I had to purl them on. It worked well and I have a much neater edge to pick up from for the face ribbing. Sorry. I guess I just had to think about it more instead of giving in to frustration.
I like the Calluna Cardigan but I'm only 5' 2" and I usually don't wear anything that's long on me since it makes me look shorter. Is there a way of making this cardigan shorter? Any advice?
What sort of length were you looking for? I'm 5'2" as well, so I kinda feel your pain there :)
I'm not sure. But from the look of it I assume I need it about 3 inches shorter. I'm looking at the pictures from Raverly. I would like to be able to knit up to where it fits well enough for me but I don't know if that's possible in this pattern. I do like it and would like to try something.


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