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Karen you can substitute any yarn or multiple strands of yarn as long as you are getting the same gauge that the pattern uses.
i have noticed that many members post pictures of their projects online which is cool, i love seeing what other people make but i had a question. is it okay to post pictures even if the project wasn't made with knitpicks yarn? thanks!
YES. It is OK to post any picture of your projects. While I'm sure that KP is very glad when the yarn is their own, even some of the KP people use some other yarns too.
thanks! i'm waiting on the camera to arrive, but i am hoping to post pix of my projects,too. i just wanted to make sure it was okay if it didn't use KP yarn!
Is there a Knit Picks group on Ravelry? I found one for needles, but I want just a KP group. I know there must be one there somewhere.
I think there are several Knit Picks groups... Knit Picks Lovers for one. When you are on Ravelry, click on Groups, then type in Knit Picks and all the groups will show up on your page.
Hi Smoorect,

Here are a couple to get you started!

KnitPicks Lovers
KnitPicks Shoppers
KnitPicks Socks

There are probably a lot more but these are the most popular!

Hope that helps!
Customer Service
Is there a glossary anywhere of knitting lingo? I think this would help a lot! I see a lot of abbreviations used here on the community, and some of them (i.e. KAL) were pretty easy to figure out, but some of them I still haven't deciphered (i.e. UFO...this only has one meaning for me, and I assure you it has nothing to do with knitting ;-)). Is there somewhere like this yet, or could something like that be put together for those of us who still haven't caught on to all of the lingo?
Thank you so much!
Do Knit Pick patterns and those of the designers whose books we purchase from KP or wherever include the yardage/gram weight of yarn necessary to make a gauge in the yarn requirements suggested to purchase; or should the gauge be frogged and the yarn used.

Could someone please tell me the yarns from KnitPicks that I can use to knit socks with please. I understand that one must use the correct yarn otherwise the socks wear out too fast? Thanks in advance for your replies.


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