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We just added a new product - sock blanks! They're double-knitted rectangles of sock yarn that you can dye to create self-striping, matching socks. We also put together video and PDF tutorials to teach you how to let your imagination run wild - you can check it all out right here.

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I love to knit socks and interested in your sock blanks. However, will you help me to find a place to buy the clear winter boots so I can showcase all the socks I knit. Will knitpicks manufacture the clear lace boots for sock knitters? cc
I'll pass along your suggestion!

I plan to knit Eunny Jang's Bayrische Socks with it. Eventually.
I recently got the bug for yarn dyeing. This past weekend I took a yarn dyeing class and just loved it. I ordered the Knitpicks Jacquard Dyeing Kit to start off and some bare yarn for dyeing. Here is my question/concern. The instructor at this dyeing class took the bare yarn and submerged it in water that had some vinegar added to it; we soaked the yarn for about 20-30 minutes and within that time we prepared our dyes. The dyes were prepared with warm water and the powder was added to it as needed. Then we squeezed the water out of the yarn, placed the yarn on trays and began our dyeing process. We then placed the dyed yarn in the microwave for 3 minutes interval, twice then we let the yarn sit for about 5 minutes, then ran it through cold water until the water ran clear. Can this same process be used with the Jacquard Dyeing Kit rather than doing the stove method?
I don't see why not. The class where I dyed the sock blank used Rit dye, but the store owner said that it would work with Jacquard as well. We used the exact same process you described. We put the yarn in a gallon plastic sealable bag to microwave it.

You could always test-dye a small amount of fiber before plunging into a whole skein or flat. Good luck, and have fun!
We have made a video of how to use the Jacquard Acid Dyes for our dye blanks. Here is the link:
Thanks for the advice and will try it on small amount of fiber. Can't wait for the order to arrive.
Jacquard would work much better than Rit. The colors are brighter and it's less expensive. Rit is a catch-all "union" dye that's meant for many types of fabric. It contains dyes that aren't specific to protein/animal fibers and nylon in the sock blanks. All of those unused dye types go down the drain.
I love knitting socks from sock portable. However, my LYS sells the blanks already dyed. I have no interest in dyeing them myself, but the retail ones are so expensive that I won't be buying many. Will Knit Picks ever offer sock blanks already dyed?
No, Knit Picks isn't developing any already dyed sock blanks. However, we do have some already dyed Kettle Dyed and Hand Dyed yarns in a ball form. I've noticed that some people on Etsy sell our sock blanks that they dyed themselves.
What a wonderful idea! Maybe I'll make some beaded socks using your guidance and give to my friends and family for christmas. always an appreciated gift!
ok - its been over 2 yrs since the introduction of the sock blanks ... so why can't KP introduce interchangable tips that are sock sized??? hopefully ones that would use the regular KP interchagable cables, if the cables need to be redesigned to accommendate that small tip, then perhaps a different shade of purple to distinguish them?


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