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Hi Jenny,

Thanks - that's a great suggestion! We'll keep in mind as the IDP grows!

Where's the "like" button? :-)
Really! We need a like button, don't we?
I am in love with the Karukell shawl pattern that was featured in the latest catalog as part of the Baltic Lace Kit. I tried to buy the kit, but it does not seem to be available anymore! Will you be offering the pattern alone at any point?
Hi Chalaine (as well as those who asked below)

We have some new plans in the works for our kit patterns and they may be available at a later date. Hope that helps! :)

I would like all of the Historic Collection patterns and information, but not the kits. Will they be offered seperately?
Count me in on this suggestion! Thanks, Jenny!
I'd love to see a pattern for a twin set - or even just a cardigan that doesn't require steeking - using Shadow yarn. I'm totally in love with Sunset Heather and want to use it, but except for the classic cardigan pattern (that *does* require steeking), I can't find one. Can you point me in the right direction? It would need to be available in larger sizes, preferably 2X. I would gladly buy a book if I knew there was a suitable pattern in that weight yarn.
On the end of "The Oppinionated Knitter" DVD Elizabeth gives an Interview. At the end of that, Meg Swansen is leaving with a very pretty knitted coat on. It is made in color work. Does anybody know if the pattern is in any of Elizabeth's books, and what it is called?

Hello, I am very new here, today is my first day  :) so if this question is in the wrong place I apologize.  I recently watched a knitpicks video on youtube about how to wear lace without looking like an old lady :)

There are several shawls worn in the video and they name most of them.  There was one that is a reddish orange color, they call it a crescent shape, more shallow than a traditional triangle with wider wings and they didn't name it.  I am very interested in finding out which shawl pattern this is as I think that will be a more flattering shape for me.  I was hoping someone here would know.  TIA


Hi Mary,


We have the list right here :)


Hope that helps!



Thank you so much!  I knew it had to be somewhere but I couldn't find it!



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