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Have you substituted Knit Picks yarns for the suggested yarn in your pattern? Share your success stories and pictures here!

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I think I would love it in City Tweed but it would probably be a bit drapier. [is that even a word?]
That one was my first thought, too.  :)  But 'keeping costs down' kind of cuts into that one.  :)  But maybe not- depends on one's budget.  (I think drapier is a word.  Maybe it's 'more drapey'?)
As Maria would say: LMSO [laughing my socks off]
Thank you for all the helpful thoughts! LOL, seems I went through the exact same train of thought.... and still can't quite make up my mind. I did swatch in some swish worsted that I have and it seemed like it would be really nice. Sadly, even that seems a bit steep to the hubby.... who is more in the thinking that I should spin all the yarn since I have a giant bag of mill ends from sheep shed. I guess i was just hoping to eliminate as many variable variables in my first sweater attempt.

Hmmm..... I can understand you DH's concerns in these economic times and you do what you have to do. But maybe a bit more sweet talking is necessary.

Have you checked out the Spin Along? We really have a great time there.

I don't have a success substitution, but I"m looking for one.  I am making the Artful Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn, but most of their yarn in the pattern has been discontinued.  I love Knit picks yarns and was wondering if you had recommendations for this pattern.  I"m just horrible with substituting yarn when I'm holding it in my hands, much less when I'm ordering from a site.  Thanks!

Hi Christina!


I did a quick search on the lion brand website and got some of the basic info for the Artful Afghan - it looks like it calls for several different colors of Wool-Ease, which is a worsted weight yarn. A good substitution might be Wool of the Andes since it is also a worsted weight yarn and is available in many colors. However, this is a 100% wool yarn, wool-ease is mostly acrylic. If you wanted something softer and machine washable, I would suggest Swish worsted for your blanket. If you wanted something lighter, you could also try a cotton blend yarn - I think Comfy worsted would work nicely for this, it is a cotton and acrylic blend.


Hope this helps a bit and good luck!


-jenny @ knit picks

I recently knitted the Baby Sophisticate cardigan from Ravelry.  I used Cotton Ease from Lion Brand.  It turned out well. But I was not impressed with the color selection. The resulting fabric was nice but not wonderful.  

In the Debbie Bliss Spring/summer 2012 magazine there is an adorable baby Sailor suit.  I checked out the recommended yarn and found the color had been discontinued. 

I went to Knit Picks and found a great substitute in Knit Picks Shine Sport.  The color select is excellent and it is half the price.  My order from KP arrived very quickly and the yarn is "AMAZING"!

I am knitting a gauge bunny right now.  The gauge swatch is knitting up smooth, even and so very soft.  I am looking forward to turning it into the bunny. 

If I make another Baby Sophisticate cardigan I definitely will use KP Shire.  

Oh if you are wondering about the Gauge Bunny.  Elizabeth Zimmerman made hats to check out new yarns.  I use the Knitted Bunny by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer found on Ravelry.  After knitting a 6 inch stockinette stitch square, and two ears.  The gauge swatch morphs into a bunny through clever stitching and little bit of magic  :o).

What a great story!  I'm so glad I had discovered KP yarns several years ago, and have used them almost exclusively for baby knitting (two new grandsons in two years)... and 99% baby stuff from KP yarns. 

Love the gauge bunny idea... I always hate the thought of knitting just a swatch, but a swatch that is also useable, what a fantastic idea.  Gotta love EZ, such a smart lady... so glad she shared herself with all of us.

I hate when yarns or yarn colors that I love are discontinued.

What a very clever idea for your swatches!

I recently finished the Ruffled Shawl, a free pattern on the Crystal Palace website using 4 balls of Chroma worsted.  I love how the long runs of color made for subtle changes. This is going to be a birthday gift for a friend this next month.  She is a Red Hat Society affectionado so this colorway, U-Pick, will be perfect for her. It was a really FUN pattern to knit.

Nancy, I also used U-Pick for a shawl last fall and loved it.  I really like this shawl!  Fantastic color and I know your friend will love it, too!  Great job.


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