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Have you substituted Knit Picks yarns for the suggested yarn in your pattern? Share your success stories and pictures here!

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New to this community and to posting, so if this post goes astray I will not be surprised and beg everyone's patience.

I have used KP yarns in place of whatever a pattern called for for years. Mostly this is because I often can't afford the very high end yarns used in knitting magazine or book projects, but sometimes it is because I saw a KP yarn and simply had to work with it. This happened with the Suri Dream Hand Dyed that I used as a substitute for a mohair yarn called applause. The two yarns had a completely different effect and fiber content, but it seemed the thing to do at the time. The finished result proved my hunch correct. Sweater looks great, and feels fabulous. I am much happier with the way it looks than if I had tried to match the applause yarn more closely.

I have also used Wool of the Andies in Lake Ice Heather to knit the rogue hoody (pattern from"girl from auntie"). That pattern was going around the net quite a bit some years ago. Has anyone here used it? Again, I loved the resulting sweater, liked the yarn I used better than the one I saw in on-line pics. On the whole, I have always had good experiences substituting KP yarns for anything.
I have done the same thing very successfully. KP has good quality yarn, as good or better I think, than the "high end" yarn. I was in a local fiber shop last weekend, and they had lace weight alpaca yarns for $75/250 yds. I cringed! I can get alpaca cloud for a fraction of that cost... no $75 yarn for me. --S
You are right, Susan! I cringe with you and I think it is a bit sad. How many people can afford $ 75/250 yards. Knit a shawl out of that and the instructions for filing bankruptcy should be included in the pattern. That sort of pricing puts our hobby (or addiction) out of reach for most folks. There are so much fewer outlets for our artistic and creative sides in our lives now when everything is bought readymade and prefab. KP has the right idea. Make it affordable so that as many people as possible can join in the fun.
I'd like to make the Cabled Blanket Coat from Scottish Inspirations and remember seeing a note in one of the Knit Picks catalogues about substituting Swish DK. I'd rather a non-Superwash 100% Wool yarn and am wondering if anyone has made this coat yet? Do you think Telemark would work? WOA?
Also, could I substitute WOA Bulky for the Rowan yarn called for in the same publication's Moss Stitch Jacket?
Thanks for any advice
I need some advice regarding a yarn substitution where weight/guage is different. I have loved the Half-Linen stitch toddler sweater (which uses quite a bit of Curious Creek Serenghetti). For two years, ever since I saw it, I've wanted to make it for my daughter. But I can't afford to $120+ for the yarn. It calls for a sport-weight superwash. I love the stroll hand-paint and think color-wise, I could get the look I'd love BUT...
Would the difference in wieght (after gauge adjustment calculations to the pattern) give me a fabric that wouldn't hold it's shape properly or be too flowy. The cost would be so much more reasonable.
You might have a problem trying to use a fingering weight yarn to do half linen stitch where sport weight is asked for. If you go up in needle size to get the gauge (the pattern says stitch gauge is important, while row gauge is not), You might end up with a more open fabric. I love linen and half linen stitches, but the tight, dense stitch pattern is what makes it work. I hear you about the price of the Serenghetti! KP has some sport weight yarns, but you might want to get a skein of the Stroll hand-paint you like and experiment with needles and see what sort of fabric you get as a result. If you feel that you must use the larger needle, you might double the Stroll and get that tight fabric look that way. Since the row gauge doesn't matter, it seems to me that the important thing is the neatly fitting-together stitches. Love to hear what you end up doing! And see the final results. Cute outfit and, as I said, I love that half linen stitch 'look'.

OK, I went back and looked at the gauges: Your pattern is 24 stitches in 4" using size 5 needles.
Stroll is 28-32 stitches in 4" using #1-3 size needles. I'm thinking that using the 5s and doubling the yarn might be your best bet. Using hand paints doubled helps mix up the color pattern too. Stroll is also I think more than double the length per skein than the original yarn. Even using Stroll doubled would save a ton over the Serenghetti...
Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough reply. I'll try ordering a skein or two to experiment with and maybe try the hat. If that goes well, we'll see.
I want to make a fingerless glove pattern that calls for DK yarn but I do have any at this time. Can I substitute two strands of fingering/sock yarn instead??? ~Tish
Yes, if you get the correct gauge when using the two strands together... --S
Thank you.. I may be trying that very thing. ^_^
I am in love with the Bees' Knees by Mary Scott Huff! I wouls like to make it for my son (and then my daugther) in a superwash yarn. In last KP catalong, it was shown in "Palette". What yarn would you suggest I use instead of this? I love "Stroll" and have used it a bit. Would it work well?
What colors would you use? I really like the color combination shown in the book and the KP catalog, but I'm open to new ideas!
Thank you in advance!
Itzel from Montreal
Ok, so I'm thinking
1 x 100g of Stroll Kettle Hand-Dyed in GOLD
1 x 100g of Stroll Kettle Hand-Dyed in TIMBER
1 x 100g of Stroll Kettle Hand-Dyed in IVY
1 x 100g of BARE Superwash Merino, Nylon Sock Yarn

I have some of these yarns at home in all colors (except the bare) and they look good together. I just wonder if it's a good yarn substitution (I have never steeked before) and how they will look in pattern.

Please share your thoughts on this!


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